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Устраивает ли Вас функционал магазина

About us

Our company - one of leading sellers of a circus requisite and the equipment in all territory of the Russian Federation, since 2002. 

We specialise on trade in the goods both for professional performers of circus and for those who tries to make the first steps in development of different genres of a circus art.

For a long operating time of our experts in the given sphere employees of our company had time to save up sufficient experience to have possibility to offer the clients an optimum requisite for them under the good prices, to render the necessary consulting services, concerning workings out of a non-standard requisite, safety or questions of operation of already available circus equipment.

The goods made by us to order, are presented in our online shop in the "base" complete set and we advise to all who is interested in acquisition of similar production for absence of misunderstanding, at first to co-ordinate with all of us necessary technical parametres of the future product and terms of its manufacturing and only after that to make the decision on its acquisition.

Do not hesitate to contact to us if you have any questions.

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