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Устраивает ли Вас функционал магазина

How to order?

If you have found the goods necessary for you can start formation of your order. Near to the description of the goods you always will find the button with drawing of a basket and an inscription "Add to cart", having pressed on which your goods get to a basket. In the right top corner of a window of your browser the inscription "My shopping cart" (in a cart remain chosen in the previous visitings or the goods ordered just, but not bought them, of course, you can remove at will) is displayed. 

Having pressed the link
"My shopping cart", you get to a basket where all goods chosen by you are shown. To start registration of the order you should press "Checkout".  

After filling of all necessary fields, for continuation of registration of the order - press button "Ок".
Within 72 hours from the moment of registration of the order not paid by you, you can refuse it, for this purpose send e-mail with all listed data about the order to our manager on the electronic address: